controlling side to side surge“We have equipped two of our fuel delivery trucks with Surge Busters. It has all but eliminated the SURGE and is particularly helpful in controlling side to side SURGE we experience on high crowned and mountainous roads. It makes for a much safer operation and the drivers are all thankful for the smoother controlled ride. As our budget permits, I will equip all of our trucks with the Surge Buster system.”

Dick Hall
Primeland Fuel Operations

“We recently converted four Oshkosh trucks with 4000 gallon tanks to function as de-icing vehicles. We used the Surge Buster system in order to control the SURGE and make a safer and longer lasting unit. They are especially useful to insure operator satisfaction with the units.”

Glen Beck
Henderson Manufacturing

controlling side to side surge in a tanker“I have installed Surge Buster® in several tankers that I have sold to my customers. In one application, it was a 9000 gallon Potable water unit and in another a 6500 gallon Oil field tanker. Both customers were extremely satisfied with the resulting reduction in SURGE and have indicated any tankers purchased in the future will be equipped with the Surge Busters. My other customers have all expressed total satisfaction with the Surge Buster.”

Darin Harvey
Mountain-Hi Truck and Equipment

“I operate a 4000 gallon Potable water tanker. I deliver several loads per day at different locations. Frequently, I haul the water tanker on mountain roads and in tight places. Before I installed the Surge Buster system, I was in constant danger of a SURGE related accident or roll-over. Surge Buster eliminated the hazard from the uncontrolled load. I have to test monthly with the State Water Quality inspectors and have had all clear tests since using the Surge Buster®”

Brandon Waddell
A Well on Wheels

controlling side to side surge in tanks“We have been selling Surge Busters to our customers for approximately 2 years in a wide variety of applications. Without exception, our customers have been extremely pleased with the virtual elimination of SURGE in their liquid loads and the added safety the Surge Buster provides. In many cases the benefit of adding agitation to a tank of chemical mixtures is of equal value. We are true believers in this product.”

Leonard Lyon
A&L Supply

controlling side to side surge“The benefits of using Surge Busters on the trailer units were significant, but I was surprised how much they even helped on my baffled straight trucks. I couldn’t run without them. They truly work and make driving a truck much safer.”

Paul Casini
Casini Hauling
Duncan Mills, CA

HAULING REGION: Coastal Range north of San Francisco
TRUCKS: 3600 & 3400 straight trucks (baffled), Double trailer (3500 each, smooth bore)
PAYLOAD: Delivers water for wineries, the forest service, & drinking water
TERRAIN: Steep, winding mountainous roads, paved, unpaved, even logging roads
DRIVING CONDITIONS: Rain, snow, sleet, ice, fog, smoke
BENEFITS: Significantly reduces turn-around time on partial loads. Even helps baffled trucks. Rear Trailer no longer fish tails. More stable on hilly, twisting mountain roads.