The Surge Buster system is designed to function differently than traditional baffles. The traditional baffle system reduces surge by compartmentalizing the tank and is attached solidly to the walls of the tank.

Surge in a liquid load is the result of directional momentum creating a standing wave and that wave reacting on the tank. At 40 MPH the directional momentum in a 3000 gallon Leg tank is approximately 52,000 foot pounds of directional pressure. This is largely the result of the standing wave. Traditional fixed wall baffles would reduce this front to rear surge by 35%, leaving 35,360 foot pounds of directional surge in the tank.

Solid wall baffles have no effect on side to side surge, as happens when taking a curve.

The Surge Buster system is designed to prevent the standing wave from forming by converting the directional momentum into a series of eddies and swirls throughout the tank. By creating this swirling or eddying effect, virtually no directional surge can be produced.

In the example of the 3,000 gallon Leg tank, using the Surge Buster system, directional momentum or surge is reduced from 52,000 foot pounds of directional pressure to approximately 600 foot pounds of directional pressure. The remaining pressure is the result of the natural leveling effect and not the result of a standing wave.

Example using 3,000 gallon Leg tank
during emergency braking at 40 MPH

Un-Baffled Fixed Wall Baffles (2) Surge Buster - directional surge
Our system removes the surge (kinetic energy) in the tank, from both front to rear and side to side. As a result, the damage normally accredited to surge, such as driver fatigue, roll over accidents, and stress on the tank, drive train and brakes, is all but eliminated.

An additional benefit to the Surge Buster system is a tank that fills and empties in a smooth level fashion. In the case of a spray rig  application, this system prevents skips in the application caused by surge in a partially full tank. The eddying effect also creates a constant stirring motion, which causes additives to be kept in constant suspension. Finally, the system significantly reduces driver fatigue and increases overall comfort for the rig operator.