The following documentation show how the Surge Buster® drop-in baffle system has truly been put through its paces and how remarkably it has performed!

USDA Testing Summary

University of Idaho – Surge Force Modeling

Tank Truck Rollover Analysis

Interested in how Surge Busters® stack up against the competition? Take a look at this comparison chart to see how sometimes less is more.

Liquid Surge Product Comparison

(Left to Right)
Composition Petroleum Chloride Units per
1000 gallons*
per 1000 gallons
Weight per
1000 gallons
1. Surge Busters – General Virgin Polypropylene N Y 32* 8 gallons 67
2. Surge Busters – Petroleum Nylon Y Y 32* 8 gallons 67
3. Baffle Balls Regrind Polyethylene N N 100 24 gallons 100
4. Liquid Surge Stabilizers Regrind Polyethylene N N 74 15 gallons 190

*Units per gallon is based on size and shape of tank and weight per gallon of liquid and ranges from 24 to 32.

Notes on products 3 and 4

  • Require that 100% of the tank be filled versus less  than 30% for Surge Busters.
  • Require that 3x as many  units have  to be assembled  at significant labor cost.
  • Require an extra person  go inside the tank to position  the units (at extra cost). Entering the tank may not even be possible.
  • Since the tank is filled 100%, it is impossible to enter the tank. Surge Busters can be shoved aside for tank inspection.
  • Are made from inferior, reprocessed ingredients and manufacturing process. Rough edges irritate hands during assembly.
  • After extensive testing, only Surge Busters are permitted for use in fire fighting equipment by the federal government.