See how the Surge Buster® drop-in baffle system has truly been put through its paces and how remarkably it has performed be reviewing the documentation below! A great product for truck rollover prevention!

USDA Testing Summary

University of Idaho – Surge Force Modeling

Tank Truck Rollover Analysis

How Surge Busters® stack up against the competition? Take a look at this comparison chart to see how sometimes less is more when dealing with truck rollover prevention.

Liquid Surge Product Comparison

Product Comparison for Truck Rollover Prevention

(Left to Right)
Composition Petroleum Chloride Units per
1000 gallons*
per 1000 gallons
Weight per
1000 gallons
1. Surge Busters – General Virgin Polypropylene N Y 32* 8 gallons 67
2. Surge Busters – Petroleum Nylon Y Y 32* 8 gallons 67
3. Baffle Balls Regrind Polyethylene N N 100 24 gallons 100
4. Liquid Surge Stabilizers Regrind Polyethylene N N 74 15 gallons 190

*Units per gallon is based on size and shape of tank and weight per gallon of liquid and ranges from 24 to 32.

Notes on products 3 and 4

  • Require that 100% of the tank be filled versus less  than 30% for Surge Busters.
  • Require that 3 times as many  units have  to be assembled  at significant labor cost.
  • Require an extra person  go inside the tank to position  the units (at extra cost). Entering the tank may not even be possible.
  • Since the tank is filled 100%, it is impossible to enter the tank. Surge Busters can be shoved aside for tank inspection.
  • Are made from inferior, reprocessed ingredients and manufacturing process. Rough edges irritate hands during assembly.
  • After extensive testing, only Surge Busters are permitted for use in fire fighting equipment by the federal government by being NFPA Compliant.