Here are some FAQ’s about our tank baffle products

Our tank baffle shown in tanker

1. How does the Surge Buster® tank baffle system work?

Surge Busters® are a drop-in tank baffle system that floats inside the tank. When the tank is full, there is no surge to control because the liquid essentially cannot move. As product is unloaded, our baffles are floating in less water so their energy absorption capacity is increased. Their absorption capacity continues to increase until they are lying on the bottom of the tank. Their unique flexible design permits them to absorb energy in every direction, which is particularly helpful in rollover situations, where traditional fixed-baffle systems offer no protection. Click here for more information.

2. Why are companies and institutions choosing to control the surge in their tanks?

  • To maintain safety when transporting liquid loads, especially over rough terrain or in slippery road conditions.
  • Reduced roll over potential from going around curves or when swerving to avoid sudden traffic pattern changes.
  • Increased employee comfort – due to less driver fatigue from reduced physical and mental stress.
  • Enhanced public relations, through taking a proactive approach to lessen the chance of hazardous chemical spills.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs through less wear and tear on all running gear components (brakes, etc.).

3. Why does the Surge Buster® tank baffle system work so well?

With over 1,000 directions of energy deflection, this is the only system that shuts down surge in all directions, front to back – side to side – all angles and throughout the entire compartment. Traditional baffles only reduce surge front to back and do not reduce surge within each compartment.

4. Can Surge Busters® be used with potable grade water?

Yes, they are made of virgin HD polypropylene and approved by the F.D.A for food grade use. Click here for more information.

5. Will the Surge Buster® work in all types and shapes of tanks?

Yes, our tank baffle system can be installed in all sizes and shapes of tanks – round, elliptical, square and even triangular. We currently have two sizes available that are 15 inches and 7 inches in diameter. 3″ and 4″ Surge Busters are currently in field testing.

6. Who uses the Surge Buster® tank baffle system?

Federal Government Agencies, DOT’s, Road Districts, Irrigation Districts, City/County PWD’s, Park Departments, Companies hauling potable water, Agriculture uses and many more. The US Forest Service also use them since they are NFPA compliant. They are used for herbicide spraying, magnesium chloride spraying for icy roads and transportation of all liquids whether water, chemical or fuel.

7. When is the Surge Buster® system the most beneficial?

  • During braking and accelerating, and while cornering and on slopes.
  • When keeping tank mixed products in suspension is important.
  • When reducing fleet maintenance costs is a priority – reduced stress on the truck, frame and tank-mounts.

8. How much volume does the Surge Buster® tank baffle system take up?

The Surge Buster ® system takes only .8% of tank volume or 8 gallons per 1000 gallons. Compared to other surge technologies, Surge Busters® have the least impact on hauling capacity.

9. Does the Surge Buster® tank baffle system cause any stress to the tank?

No, our floating system is not attached to the tank and will not cause any physical stress to the tank.  They will last the life of the tank.

10. How do drivers describe the difference once Surge Busters are installed?

Professional drivers describe the experience as similar to hauling a load of sand. One professional driver who delivers new trucks was amazed to find out that he had driven a truck over 200 miles on all kinds of roads with the tank half full of water. He thought the tank was empty. Click here for more information.