Surge Buster Assembly – 5 Easy Steps

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Surge Buster Assembly - Parts ListPARTS LIST:

(3) Paddles
(1) Disc (7″ or 15″ diameter)
(2) Fastener Clips
(2) Fastener Pin


The following conditions VOID the warranty:

  1. Failure to assemble Surge Busters correctly per these instructions.
  2. Failure to install the correct amount of Surge Busters® calculated for each specific tank.
  3. If Surge Busters begin to come apart inside the tank.
  4. If the material being loaded is over 175 degrees.
  5. If liquid is loaded/unloaded at too great a pressure/speed without deflectors.
  6. If competitor products are mixed with Surge Busters.

Surge Buster Assembly - Step 1



Insert the three paddles through the slots in the disc so that the longest notch in the paddle is on the same side as the bridge snap latch, located at each disc slot.


Surge Buster Assembly - Step 2



Once the three paddles are inserted, slip the short notch in the paddle back over the disc, and then SNAP the long notch up over the Bridge Snap Latch. Repeat for remaining paddles.


Surge Buster Assembly - Step 3


Bend the paddles to join at either end and insert the triangular side of one Fastener Pin through the triangular holes in the paddles, from the outside.

WARNING! Failure to install the Fastener Pin from the OUTSIDE will usually cause Surge Busters to fail and void the warranty.


Surge Buster Assembly - Step 4


Once all three paddles on one end are fitted over the top triangle, snap the Fastener Clip into place on the inside between the stacked paddles and the triangular end of the Fastener Pin.

WARNING! You must hear a “CLICK” to know that the clip is properly seated. Without the “CLICK” on 100% of the surge busters, the warranty is void.

Repeat Step 4 for the opposite end, but stack the paddles in the opposite order so that the inside paddle on the first assembled end becomes the outside paddle on the second assembled end. The middle paddle remains the middle paddle for both ends.

Surge Buster Assembly - Step 5


Your assembly of the Surge Buster Baffle System is complete and ready for installation through the manhole of your liquid tank.

If the manhole of your tank is too small, call us about replacing your existing manhole with a larger one. Surge Busters are either 7″ or 15″ in diameter.


Surge Buster Assembly WarningIf you see loose parts in your tank after using Surge Busters, immediately remove all Surge Busters from the tank or discontinue using the tank until the issue is addressed. The failure of one (1) Surge Buster can cause the failure of all!

Surge Buster Assembly

Download PDF of instructions