Reduce Tank Truck Maintenance by adding Surge BustersReduce tank truck maintenance and improve safety.!For 10+ years, we’ve been about neutralizing 96% of the kinetic energy generated by the liquid surge in a truck tank. To date, our primary achievement has been about improving SAFETY … ie: better truck handling, less driver fatigue, and reduced rollovers.

But, look at what’s coming – in the next year, we’re documenting the relationship between the use of SURGE BUSTERS, (SB’s) and MAINTENANCE COSTS, ie: less tire wear, fewer brake jobs and overall reduction of wear with truck suspension parts.

The process has already started but we’re looking for more companies to team up with us. Are you interested in working with us for a year to factually document the reduction of maintenance costs.

To achieve an accelerated look at the reduced stress applied to a chassis of a truck equipped with SB’s, we completed a short-term test to measure and compare the G-force 3-axis movements between the (2) trucks shown below.

Reduce Tank Truck Maintenance by adding Surge Busters

Two similar 2800 gallon fuel oil trucks were selected and one was equipped with SB’s. G-Force sensors were installed on both trucks to measure the surge energy exerted on the chassis. G-Force sensors measure movement on 3 axis, X, Y, and Z as shown on the graphs below. Measurements are taken every 10 seconds on each axis. Individual measurements are then averaged and reported to the cloud every 10 minutes.

A recent report (seen below) showed a decrease in G-Force movement on the truck with SB’s of 51.9%. This is favorable, although the final analysis will be the actual reduction of truck maintenance over a year.

If you are interested in becoming a test location, contact Jerry Russell at 804-291-8368.

Data on using Surge Busters to reduce tank truck maintenance

Reduce Tank Truck Maintenance by adding Surge Busters  Reduce Tank Truck Maintenance by adding Surge Busters

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