Mr. Buster - You probably know him as Jerry

somewhere along the way we started to call him Mr. Buster – and well, it seems to have stuck.

Jerry is our sales and product development guy – and keeps us all on the straight and narrow with everything that has to do with Surge Busters.

Recently when asked to list the 3 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS to know about SURGE BUSTERS, he thought for just a few moments and had his response. Here they are:

Get the Correct Number

Get the correct number of Surge Busters

When stored liquids are put in motion, kinetic energy is created during acceleration, braking, cornering, and typical road maneuvering. This energy frequently results in roll-overs. Surge Busters are the leading solution to helping neutralize and manage this energy, but there are IMPORTANT variables like, tank size, shape, and weight/unit (gallon/liter) that must be considered to insure the correct number of SB’s are used in the specified tank. Jerry and the team have been working to perfect a Quote Module that will make these calculations easier. Thank you for your patience – it’s scheduled for release soon.

Make sure it Clicks

Make sure the clip clicks into place

Anyone who ever assembled a SB knows that the more you do the easier it gets. Many SB customers have discovered that it’s best to make it a fun team effort. “Many hands make light work.” they say, and we’re all for getting pizzas and turning it into a team  building exercise. BUT there is one thing that must be done amidst all the excitement. When the clip is inserted over the pin, there MUST be a click that you can plainly hear. Without this audible “CLICK,” it is likely that the SB will come apart and fail.This puts more stress on the other SB’s in the tank and a chain reaction fail may occur. This is never a good day for Jerry and of course, not a good day for anyone. SOLUTION: Make sure it clicks. Click here for complete assembly instructions.

When in doubt, call

When in doubt, call

Have a question? Jerry is only a phone call away. He gets up in the morning with Surge Busters on the brain – maybe that’s why he earned the title “Mr. Buster.” He wears it well.

As the coach for all things that relate to Surge Buster, consider Jerry “Mr. Buster” as your personal resource to help neutralize the liquid surge in your tank – and to achieve these objectives:

  • Maintain safety when transporting liquid loads, especially over rough terrain or in slippery road conditions.
  • Reduced roll over potential from going around curves or when swerving to avoid sudden traffic pattern changes.
  • Increased employee comfort – due to less driver fatigue from reduced physical and mental stress.
  • Enhanced public relations, through taking a proactive approach to lessen the chance of hazardous chemical spills.