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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Surge Buster®?

A Surge Buster is made of virgin polypropylene; virgin because of its superior chemical resistance and energy elimination characteristics. It is in the shape of a cylinder made of 3 straps we call paddles, a center disc, and 2 special connecting pins on the ends that give it its shape.

It is available in four (4) different sizes: 

  • SB815 - has a 15" diameter disc for tanks with larger openings. The overall length is 27" assembled. 
  • SB807 - has a 7" diameter disc for tanks with smaller openings. The overall length is 27" assembled. 
  • SB804 - has a 4" diameter disc and is 18" long.
  • SBMini - fit in openings as small as 1 ¾".

A group of individual Surge Busters, when dropped into a tank, create a tank baffle system that floats inside the tank, moving as the liquid moves. When the tank is full, there is no surge to control because the liquid essentially cannot move. As product is unloaded, the liquid has room to move. With increased space in the tank, the longer the tank is and the greater the weight of the product, the more energy is created. The number of Surge Busters required in a tank based on these the criteria: Volume of Tank, Dimensions of Tank and Weight of the Liquid.

Their unique flexible design permits them to eliminate 96% of energy in every direction, which is particularly helpful in potential rollover situations where traditional fixed-baffle systems offer no protection.

2. Who needs Surge Busters?

There are over 1,300 tanker rollover accidents each year throughout the U.S. according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  • Over 60% of these rollover accidents result in fatalities. (Ref. 1) 
  • Most of these accidents occur on dry straight roads and highways, not on ramps and turns as one might expect. Over 63% of tanker rollover accidents occur with partial loads. (Ref. 2) 
  • Veteran drivers, with over 10 years of experience, are involved in over two thirds of all rollover accidents. (Ref. 3)

Even these experienced drivers with road worthy equipment can experience a rollover, often as result of trying to avoid an accident, debris on the road, or wet or icy conditions. Regardless, the result is destructions and too often loss of life. Surge Busters, more than any other technology, can reduce the likelihood of a rollover.

In summary, every tank truck that does not always have the tank 100% full should be using Surge Busters.

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2. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Web-Based Encyclopedia, https://www.nhtsa.gov/research-data/fatality-analysis-reporting-system-fars

3. Will Surge Busters work in all types and shapes of tanks?

Yes, our tank baffle system can be installed in all sizes of tanks - round, elliptical, square or even triangular. There are tank size and volume limitations. Contact us for more specific information.

4. Can Surge Busters be used with potable liquids?

Yes, they are made of virgin HD polypropylene and approved by the FDA for food grade use.

5. How much volume does the Surge Busters tank baffle system take up?

The Surge Buster system takes less than 1.0% of tank volume or 8 gallons per 1000 gallons. Compared to other surge technologies, Surge Busters have the least impact on hauling capacity, both for volume and weight.

6. Can Surge Busters damage my tank?

No, our floating system is made of polypropylene. It is not attached to the tank and will not cause any physical stress to the tank. They will last the life of the tank.

7. Are Surge Busters better than standard, welded in baffles?

Surge Busters have many advantages: 

  • They are lighter. 
  • They do not rust out or break. 
  • They can be moved from one tank to another. 
  • They can eliminate two time the amount of surge energy as welded-in baffles. 
  • They are great alternatives for repairing/replacing welded baffles. 
  • They can reduce rollover accidents. 
  • Welded-in baffles cannot.

8. Do Surge Busters have limitations?


  1. Each Surge Buster can dissipate a given amount of energy. There is a limit, based on both the size of the tank and the weight o the liquid, that can exceed the ability of Surge Busters to manage the energy load. Check the calculation chart. 
  2. Surge Busters lose their "rebound' characteristics when exposed to hot liquids over 175°. 
  3. Surge Busters cannot be exposed to sunlight. 
  4. Certain additional steps need to be taken when filling a tank very rapidly, from the top particularly, so that the Surge Busters are not damaged.
9. Why does the Surge Buster tank baffle system work so well?

With 360 degrees of energy deflection, this is the only system that shuts down surge in all directions, front to back - side to side - up and down - all angles and throughout the entire compartment. Traditional baffles largely reduce surge front to back and do not reduce the directional surge that leads to rollovers.

10. When is the Surge Buster system the most beneficial? 
  • During braking and accelerating, while cornering and traveling on roads with high crowns. 
  • When taking evasive action to avoid an accident. 
  • When roads are wet or icy. 
  • When traveling off road, like fighting wildfires. 
  • When keeping tank mixed products in suspension is important. 
  • When reducing fleet maintenance costs is priority-reduced stress on the truck, frame and tank-mounts, and all the components of the drive train.
11.What benefits do companies and institutions see when controlling the surge in their tanks?
  • Maintaining safety when transporting liquid loads, especially over rough terrain or in slippery road conditions. 
  • It may reduce insurance costs. Increased employee comfort - less driver fatigue from reduced physical and mental stress. 
  • Helps attract and maintain employees. 
  • Enhanced public relations by taking a proactive approach to lessen the chance of hazardous chemical spills or accidents.
  • Reducing equipment maintenance costs through less wear and tear on all running gear components (brakes, etc.) along with repairs to tanks mounts and frames not only reduces operating cost but also reduces down time.
12. Who uses the Surge Buster tank baffle system?
  • Federal Government Agencies
  • State, Local and Federal Departments of Transportation
  • Road Districts
  • Irrigation Districts
  • City/County Public Works
  • Departments Park Departments
  • Companies hauling potable water or food products
  • Agriculture
  • Fireboats
  • Arborists and Landscapers
  • Planes and Helicopters that do aerial spraying
  • Road Building
  • Liquid Ice Control Spraying
  • Vegetation Management and Herbicide Spraying
  • Boats
  • Any mode of transportation that either had liquid tanks on it or delivers liquid to others, whether water, chemical or fuel.
13. Do Surge Busters have a warranty?
Yes, Surge Busters do have a Two Year Warranty. Surge Busters must be registered to activate the two year warranty. Failure to complete this Warranty Form and provide it to Liquid Surge Control, LLC will VOID the warranty. Download the Warranty Form here.

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