Have you considered becoming a Surge Buster Dealer?

  • Create another profit center.
  • Ramp up fast with customized marketing resources.
  • Solidify your position with your clients as an innovative solution provider.

As a Surge Buster Dealer, you have access to a full menu of marketing tools as our commitment to your success. The up-front financial commitment for new dealers is not extensive, however, we’re looking for select Dealers that embrace the Surge Buster product as a compliment to their existing business and are motivated to sell.

If this is you, let’s talk.

Our first priority is to develop a custom marketing plan that works for you. Call Sales at (866) 787-4360 to get the ball rolling.

Dealer Program PDF Download

A Quote Module is provided to all Dealers to help simplify the Sales Process.

Surge Buster Dealer Quote Module

Dealer Specific Marketing Tools are available and a MDF* (Market Development Fund) is set up for you to use.

Surge Buster Dealer Print Material   Surge Buster Dealer Digital Material   Surge Buster Dealer Events


*The MDF is funded by a percentage of dealer sales… and is used by the dealer to apply toward purchase of selected marketing tools.